The Barrymore Film Center of Fort Lee, New Jersey   

Birthplace of the American Film Industry


2018 Fort Lee Film Commission Barrymore Award Presented to On the Waterfront Actor and Lifelong Longshoreman Tom Hanley The Fort Lee Film Commission presented our 2018 Barrymore award to On the Waterfront Actor and lifetime longshoreman Tom Hanley during a Q&A following a screening of this classic American film at the United Palace of Cultural Arts / formerly Loews 175th Street in NYC.  On the Waterfront, shot in nearby Hoboken, NJ in 1954, is considered one of the greatest films ever produced.  Tom Hanley appeared in this film as the teenager on the roof with film star Marlon Brando (Terry Malloy).  As adult, Tom spent his career as a longshoreman in Hoboken and Bayonne for over 50 years.  This award is presented to him for his role in this classic film and for his lifetime as an honest longshoreman on the docks of New Jersey.  The video footage was captured by the Fort Lee Film Commission's Donna Brennan.




The Barrymores of Fort Lee - where film history was made


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